Trends of 2014: Play at an Online Casino With Real Money

casinoThe market of social gaming is rising without a respite. Right from the beginning, the market of social gaming was on the rise. The major reasons for this trend is because of the easy availability of mobiles, laptops and desktops. High speed internet connections at the go is another important reason for the steep rise in the sales of social games. New mobiles, tablets and laptops are incorporated with advanced systems and hardware to support high-tech games and with these high-tech gadgets you can easily play at an online casino with real money anywhere. The competitive prices for these tablets and mobiles make it easy for the masses to get these devices.

Social gaming is a big industry and is estimated to reach 50% of social networking users and 34% of the total internet population by the year 2014. Such trends are not common. Below we discuss various other trends of social gaming that will take the world by storm.


1. The trend in the distribution of social gamers is: 54% female and 46% male. This trend is expected for the year 2014. This proves that unlike Xbox and PSP users, the female population dominates the male population in the field of social gaming.

2. The average age of a social gamer was studied and it was concluded that the average age of a female social gamer is 40 whereas the average age of the male gamer is around 37 years.

3. A survey was conducted regarding the age groups that are addicted to any form of social gaming. It revealed that:

  • 13-18 (age group) has 13% of the users
  • 19-25 (age group) has 23.5% of the users
  • 26-35 (age group) has 22% of the users
  • 36-45 (age group) has 17% of the users
  • 46+ (age group) has 24.5% of the users

4. The rise in numbers of sales of social gaming has escalated tremendously. The year of 2011 witnessed a market of 4.94 billion. Over the years the market has risen to 8.64 billion. This figure is on the 2014 market.

5. The payment methods are becoming more popular and widespread. Options such as Netller and Moneybookers and available to make gaming more convenient for people worldwide, especially Australians.

Best Online Roulette Strategy

Gambling games are fun and they are mostly associated with luck. But, it is also a game which requires the mind as much as luck. Now, almost all of the modern casino games can be played with a proper strategy. The online roulette game is no different in this regard. It can be played well and also able to win you a handsome money if you plan well as hot to play the game. The online roulette game is also simple as betting on your one favorite or a combination of numbers. If the roulette happens to stop at your chosen number or combination of numbers, then you have won the game. But this doesn’t mean that you have to bet blindly. Rather, there are several tips that you can follow to play the roulette game very well.

Tips for Developing a good online Roulette Strategy:

Following are some of the tips that can help you in making a good online roulette strategy:

  • Play on the Outside of Roulette –Many players commit a big mistake when they bet on a specific number on the main bankroll boost. But the ratio in such case for hitting your chosen number is 35:1. The odds of hitting your chosen number are 37:1 which actually gives you a very rare chance to win. It is desirable to play the outside of the roulette which gives you the option of betting red, black, odd, even, 19 – 38 and 1 – 18. This kind of options gives you a 50/50 chance of winning.
  • Increasing your odds in the inside of the Roulette –It should be noted that you have to bet on more than one number if you are looking to play with specific numbers. By placing your chips at the most appropriate places on the board betting on multiple numbers which are physically near to each other is highly desirable. In this way you can bet on several numbers in just one bet. But the payout in this case would not be very high. This might not be a profitable strategy, but very safe indeed.
  • European Roulette over American online Roulette – The European online roulette is considered a lot easier than the American version of the game. American roulettes have the double zero, which is not a part of European roulettes. This means that the European roulettes give you a lot more chances to hit your chosen odds as compared to the American roulettes.
  • Taking a Break from Online Roulette –If you are playing the online roulette game for a long time without any luck, then it is advised to take a break from the online roulette game. Rather, you should look to go to a real casino. There you can talk with real casino players. You can learn the strategies from them as how to win.
  • Playing Multiplayer Roulette –Roulette doesn’t necessarily have to be played alone. One of the most effective online roulette strategies is to play multiplayer roulette. This gives you an idea of what other players are up to and how do they play the game. Further, this technique also helps you to see the pattern of the roulette wheel.
  • Setting aside some part of your profits – If your look is good and you won let say 4 games in a row, and then try playing the next game using a smaller percentage of your win money. This will not keep all your money at stake and would help you save a good amount of money. Make sure you don’t touch your set aside money at least on the day when you had win it.