Trends of 2014: Play at an Online Casino With Real Money

casinoThe market of social gaming is rising without a respite. Right from the beginning, the market of social gaming was on the rise. The major reasons for this trend is because of the easy availability of mobiles, laptops and desktops. High speed internet connections at the go is another important reason for the steep rise in the sales of social games. New mobiles, tablets and laptops are incorporated with advanced systems and hardware to support high-tech games and with these high-tech gadgets you can easily play at an online casino with real money anywhere. The competitive prices for these tablets and mobiles make it easy for the masses to get these devices.

Social gaming is a big industry and is estimated to reach 50% of social networking users and 34% of the total internet population by the year 2014. Such trends are not common. Below we discuss various other trends of social gaming that will take the world by storm.


1. The trend in the distribution of social gamers is: 54% female and 46% male. This trend is expected for the year 2014. This proves that unlike Xbox and PSP users, the female population dominates the male population in the field of social gaming.

2. The average age of a social gamer was studied and it was concluded that the average age of a female social gamer is 40 whereas the average age of the male gamer is around 37 years.

3. A survey was conducted regarding the age groups that are addicted to any form of social gaming. It revealed that:

  • 13-18 (age group) has 13% of the users
  • 19-25 (age group) has 23.5% of the users
  • 26-35 (age group) has 22% of the users
  • 36-45 (age group) has 17% of the users
  • 46+ (age group) has 24.5% of the users

4. The rise in numbers of sales of social gaming has escalated tremendously. The year of 2011 witnessed a market of 4.94 billion. Over the years the market has risen to 8.64 billion. This figure is on the 2014 market.

5. The payment methods are becoming more popular and widespread. Options such as Netller and Moneybookers and available to make gaming more convenient for people worldwide, especially Australians.

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